Air traffic has been suspended while the airport has been evacuated (AFP/File)
January 15, 2018 - 13:46 GMT
Air traffic has been suspended while the airport has been evacuated.
143 people were also arbitrarily arrested and 186 others were abducted (AFP/File)
January 02, 2018 - 08:49 GMT
A total of 433 people, including 79 children and 10 women, were killed during violence in Libya in 2017, according to a human rights group Monday.
(AFP /Abdullah Doma)
December 28, 2017 - 09:00 GMT
The number of Libyans registered to vote in 2018 presidential and parliamentary polls currently stands at some 1.6 million, according to the official Libyan News Agency (LNA).
(AFP/Fethi Belaid)
December 23, 2017 - 21:00 GMT
The Libyan prosecutor general’s office has allayed the fears of late President Muammar Qaddafi’s family that his son Al-Saadi Qaddafi has “disappeared” from prison in Tripoli, Asharq Al-Awsat reported.
No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack (Shutterstock/File)
December 18, 2017 - 13:20 GMT
Mohammed Ishtwei was abducted by militants shortly after leaving the city’s airport earlier in the day and was later found dead.
Nearly 420,000 migrants from 38 nationalities are trapped in Libya as about 120,000 individuals arrived in Europe this year (AFP/File)
December 12, 2017 - 12:47 GMT
European governments are "knowingly complicit" in the horrific abuse of migrants in Libya, Amnesty International said on Tuesday.
Refugees face a dangerous journey trying to reach Europe. (AFP/File)
November 26, 2017 - 10:23 GMT
Capt. Ayoub Qasim, Libyan Naval Forces spokesman, told Anadolu Agency that coast guard teams reached the bodies of 31 refugees east of the capital Tripoli.
Thousands of migrants still arrive in Libya, hoping to reach Europe (AFP/File)
November 16, 2017 - 11:02 GMT
Migrants and refugees are being sold as slaves by human traffickers in Libya for as little as a few hundred dollars, a shocking report has found.
The outspoken ex-Muslim is not afraid to challenge both the left and the right for their views on Islam and Muslims. (Twitter @aliamjadrizvi)
November 14, 2017 - 15:02 GMT
The outspoken ex-Muslim is not afraid to challenge both the left and the right for their views on Islam and Muslims.
Players of the Tunisian national football team celebrate with their national flag after qualifying for the 2018 World Cup finals after drawing their qualifiers match against Libya at the Rades Olympic Stadium in the capital Tunis on November 11, 2017.
November 12, 2017 - 08:21 GMT
Tunisia were held to a goalless home draw by a resolute Libya side on Saturday but they were able to secure a World Cup spot for the first time since 2006.
Abedi detonated a bomb full of nuts and bolts at a concert by American pop star Ariana Grande in May, killing 22 and injuring 512 (Greater Manchester Police)
November 05, 2017 - 10:23 GMT
The remains of Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi have been secretly flown to Libya for burial after mosques here snubbed his family, it was claimed last night.
Pro-Haftar forces denied any involvement in Monday’s deadly airstrikes (AFP/File)
November 01, 2017 - 07:35 GMT
Libya’s Justice and Construction Party on Tuesday accused Tobruk-based military commander Khalifa Haftar of carrying out Monday's deadly airstrikes in the eastern city of Derna.
An airstrike on Sirte in Libya, Sept. 28, 2016 (AFP/File)
October 31, 2017 - 10:52 GMT
Libya’s presidential council, which operates under the country’s U.N.-backed unity government, has called for a U.N. investigation into an airstrike that killed and injured scores in the eastern city of Derna.
ISIS flag (Shutterstock/File)
October 16, 2017 - 17:00 GMT
Continued political and military fragmentation in Libya is allowing for the regrouping of ISIS in the country after it was largely defeated in 2016, Walid Namane, an independent analyst, and North Africa expert has said.
Mediterranean refugee arrivals have reached 120,137 to date this year (AFP/File Photo)
October 10, 2017 - 07:09 GMT
Thousands of migrants have been transferred to a hangar in the coastal city of Sabratha by a U.N. migration agency, the U.N. Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said Monday.
ISIS released a video in 2015 allegedly depicting the beheading of 20 Egyptian Copts (AFP)
October 08, 2017 - 12:33 GMT
The 20 nationals were filmed as they were beheaded by militants belonging to ISIS.