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April 11, 2019 - 13:43 GMT
Saudi authorities have detained another dozen of activists last week, including a female pregnant activist along with her husband.
April 11, 2019 - 11:06 GMT
Few days before HBO-produced fantasy, Game of Thrones, being premiered, the series fans have been getting excited, including the Lebanese fans who took it to another level.
April 11, 2019 - 08:16 GMT
As Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Sisi arrived on Monday in Washington D.C., passersby noticed a truck wandering around the city playing Egyptian patriotic songs with footage of Sisi.
Thousands of Sudanese protesters gather in front of the military headquarters in the capital Khartoum. (AFP)
April 10, 2019 - 12:47 GMT
Mass anti-government protests have been taking place in Sudan for the past few days in a noticeable escalation since the protests first broke out in December 2018.
April 10, 2019 - 07:49 GMT
Social media users have been excited and loving the Baby Shark song being added to the Dubai Fountains playlist.
April 09, 2019 - 11:49 GMT
Egyptian social media has been flooded for the past 24 hours with the story of Mary Danial, a sister of a well-known figure in the Egyptian 2011 Revolution who was killed in protests in 2011.
April 09, 2019 - 08:12 GMT
As thousands of Sudanese protesters are taking part in an anti-government sit in calling President Omar Bashir to resign, Sudanese women have been taking a noticeable lead role during the past few days.
April 08, 2019 - 13:56 GMT
Lebanese social media have been taken by storm after a story of a Lebanese Instagram account claims to be a feminist exposed and turned out to be using his account to lure women and get to harass them.
April 08, 2019 - 11:47 GMT
Saudi women rights activists are still in detention for almost a year now, despite the international pressure from human rights organizations and activists into releasing them.
April 08, 2019 - 08:14 GMT
A heartwarming video has been circulating social media among Lebanese users showing a sum total of the coexistence among the people from different faiths in Lebanon.
April 07, 2019 - 14:28 GMT
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s name returned to the news scene lately after rumors that he might be expelled from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and face the risk of being arrested or even exposing his life to serious threats. It all started after media cited a British friend of Assange saying the latter is preparing for “expulsion” from the building following the Ecuadorean president’s remarks that Assange has repeatedly violated the terms of his asylum.
April 07, 2019 - 12:02 GMT
Just days before the 2019 Israeli Elections take place, a Palestinian citizen of Israel rapper has released a song accurately describing the current dilemma of Palestinian citizens of Israel.
April 07, 2019 - 08:20 GMT
A 10-meter-high Buddha statue on one of the UAE main roads has sparked controversy among Emiratis.
(Al Bawaba News)
April 04, 2019 - 14:03 GMT
A Finnish blogger and travel writer promoting tourism in Saudi Arabia has been sparking controversy among activists and Saudi Twitter users for the past few days.
April 04, 2019 - 12:25 GMT
A Taylor Swift stan account has been going viral on Twitter for the past two days after its owner announced she was in jail for refusing to serve in Israel’s mandatory military service.
April 04, 2019 - 08:01 GMT
Pakistanis have been celebrating the first all-female food delivery crew in the country.